Mitral Valve Repair Program

What is mitral valve repair?

Moderate to severe mitral regurgitation—frequently unrecognized and under diagnosed—is common among patients suffering from heart failure. It’s caused by a leaky heart valve and can place serious burdens on a patient’s quality of life.

In the past, the only therapy for severe mitral regurgitation was open heart surgery or valve replacement. Several recent landmark studies have shown that transcatheter mitral valve repair is a safe and preferable method in older and sicker patients.

Why mitral valve repair?

A reduction in mitral regurgitation is dramatic, leading to improved survival, improved symptoms and fewer hospitalizations for patients.

Our approach

Patients wishing to be evaluated for transcatheter repair of the mitral valve undergo a transesophageal echocardiogram and thorough evaluation from the heart team. The heart team includes cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, radiologists, and anesthesiologists. We use the only FDA approved device for significant mitral regurgitation—the MitraClip—made by Abbott Vascular.

Our team

Dr. Kolski directs the structural heart program at St. Joseph Hospital—the busiest catheter-based heart valve program in Orange County. The outcomes at St. Joseph Hospital are in the top 10% nationally for length of stay and complications

Who we treat

MitraClip therapy is for patients with significant, symptomatic, degenerative mitral regurgitation who are too sick for mitral valve surgery. MitraClip is currently only indicated in patients who are high risk for surgical repair. Older and sicker patients may benefit from consultation for this approach.


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Additional Cardiology Services

Dr. Kolski is a highly skilled, nationally recognized cardiologist providing patients in Orange Country with world class heart care services


Dr. Kolski and the team at Orange County Heart Institute provide full-service evaluation to patients with a strong family history of heart disease and to people who want to know their overall cardiovascular risk.



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A PFO may permit blood clots to cross from the right side of the heart to the left side, resulting in a stroke. We perform a catheter-based closure of the PFO with a permanent implant.


Dr. Kolski performs over 200 structural heart interventions a year and travels throughout the U.S., educating physicians on vascular techniques and Complex Higher-Risk (and Indicated) Patients. He directs the structural heart program at St. Joseph Hospital—the busiest catheter-based heart valve program in Orange County.

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Happy & Healthy Patients

In addition to being one of Orange County's leading cardiologists, Dr. Kolski is committed to building relationships with patients built on trust and respect. He goes above and beyond to ensure that patients are comfortable and well cared for.

quotation iconDr. Kolski was very straight forward and kept things simple - even in the most complicated situations. His advice has helped me through the process, and without him I wouldn’t be able to overcome all of my health issues. I am grateful for all his help.
quotation iconDr. Kolski offers his patients bedside manners that seems to have been lost by many doctors today. Dr. Kolski’s attention to me as a patient exemplified his concerns over my entire well being. Dr. Kolski also offers new innovative technologies for vascular blockage that was unavailable to me a year ago. I felt there was little hope because I also have an immune deficiency disease and healing is poor for me. When Dr. Kolski informed me of this new technology and of which he was performing and subsequently teaching other cardiologists at a hospital level...I had hope!
quotation iconI feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Kolski. After being referred to a surgeon who adamantly told me I would need a high risk heart surgery, Dr. Kolski reviewed my case and said he could fix my valve and heart arteries through a few small holes in my arm and groin. He was upfront with me about what to expect depending on my choices. I left the hospital on day two with a new heart valve and the main artery to my heart repaired. I feel great.
quotation iconDr. Kolski has always treated me with respect as a well informed patient. He spoke to me in medical terms I could readily understand. Dr. Kolski lays out truthfully all my options including detailed discussions on the risks of any heart procedures. I appreciate his candor. You’re getting one of the best cardiologists in SoCal. He’s kind, compassionate and caring. Dr. Kolski’s cheerful happy manner always makes my visits to him a hope-filled pleasant experience.
quotation iconI have recommended Dr. Kolski to both family and friends—he is an excellent clinician. He is also very caring. He explains diagnoses and tests in an easily understood manner.
quotation iconI am beyond pleased with my experience with Dr. Kolski. It was a world away from previous experiences elsewhere. It was nice to be treated with professionalism and care - from the scheduler to Dr. Kolski. I had been to several other physicians and none of them were able to address my health issue. Dr. Kolski successfully did. In addition, I sincerely appreciate his diligent follow up. I would highly recommend Dr. Kolski to anyone who seeks expertise in cardiovascular care.

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